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Commercial Roofing with JCI Roofing Company

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Low Pitch Roofing

The roofing industry has incorporated quality materials to create the best low pitch commercial roofing membrane product – TPO. TPO (thermoplastic Polyolefin) membrane has longer durability then asphalt products and also has the benefit of heat reflection and gives you more comfort and less energy cost for heating and cooling and giving your commercial roof a cleaner look.

With the energy efficiency of TPO membrane, TPO membrane qualifies for the ENERGY STAR Rating and also the Cool Roof Rating Council certification (CRRC).

While commercial asphalt built-up roofs have had good performance with reasonable maintenance over the past decades on low pitched roofs, commercial TPO roofing membranes outperforms with virtually maintenance-free, and outperforms also with lower heating and cooling costs and gaining greater comfort. TPO membrane roofs are typically white roofs, but other colors are available.

Types of Commercial Roofing


Stone coated steel roofing have the nature for being able to perform well under the elements. Hail, wind, fire, freeze or thaw challenge roof systems, but the Stone coated steel’s Shingles give it the ability to resist the force of storms or fires. Many stone coated steel roof systems are also supported by a 50-year or lifetime warranty.


Standing Seam metal roofs have been used for decades. A Standing Seam Metal Roof is durable and long lasting which requires virtually no maintenance. For many years business owners have found better Weather Protection and Increased Wind Resistant performance than other standard Roofing Materials, especially in hurricane weather. Extra protection from fire and hail storm damage is also a benefit to a standing seam roof.

Standing Seam Metal Roofs are a long lasting roof that is appealing and adds character and quality to any business or commercial building. Quality Finishes that do not crack, peel, fade or erode in Standard colors, Metallic colors or even Energy Saving Finishes that reduce cooling requirements.

SNAP LOCK or MECHANICAL SEAM / CRIMP – Panels with raised seams that are held down to the roof deck using hidden clips and hidden fasteners.


These dimensional shingles have the look of wood shakes and gives them extra richness and depth. And the extra-thick weather resistant construction of the Laminated Shingle provides you many years of protection for your home or business.

Synthetic Polymer and rubber simulated SLATES and SHAKES that are made from rubber, plastic, polymer, and other composite materials.  Composite SLATES and SHAKES create a quality long term and attractive roof system.


– Asphalt saturated #15 lb., #30 lb.


– Polyolefin / Polymers High strength woven underlayment. A 1000 Square foot roll 4 feet wide that stays dry, does not wrinkle under moist conditions, and can be exposed to the elements for six months before covering with shingles, tile or Metal roofing.

Self – Adhering Waterproof Membranes

– Self-adhering underlayment membranes can be used as part of a flashing system in valleys or around roof penetrations (skylights, vent stacks, etc.), and are commonly applied beneath roofing materials on lower sloped roofs (2:12 to 4:12).

Always remember that we get crazy storms and driving rain with high winds on our roofs in this region. The underlayment choice you make now may save your home from damage in the future. We at JCI ROOFING COMPANY use Self-Adhering Waterproof Membranes as a Standard around all Roof Penetrations, like chimneys, Skylights, and Vent Stacks.

Radiant Barrier

– 99% Pure Aluminum Reinforced Heat Reflective Underlayment prevents most of the heat from coming through the roof for a noticeable increase in energy savings and increased comfort level.

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